Figuring out Protein in Your Horse’s Food plan, by Kentucky Efficiency Merchandise

“How do I decide the % protein in my horse’s whole eating regimen? It’s so complicated.”

Should you’ve requested your self this query (or one prefer it), you’re in luck. Kentucky Efficiency Merchandise is right here with useful methods to find out the odds in your horse’s eating regimen.

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How do I decide the % protein in my horse’s whole eating regimen? It’s so complicated.


You aren’t the one one who’s confused by this! Let’s see if we will make it simpler so that you can perceive easy methods to decide the proportion of protein in your horse’s whole eating regimen. It’s a must to do some math, however it isn’t too exhausting.

I’ll use my horse’s eating regimen for instance.

My gelding is fed 20 lb of grass/alfalfa hay. Once I had the hay examined, the crude protein got here again at 12%.

He eats 4 lbs a day of a business feed that incorporates 10% protein.

Right here is how you’re employed the numbers:

First I decide how a lot whole feed my man is consuming. That’s fairly simple: 20 lbs of hay + 4 lbs of grain = 24 lbs within the whole eating regimen.

Then I decide what number of kilos of protein every a part of the eating regimen is contributing. I do that by multiplying the full kilos of the actual feed by its % protein.

The hay portion of the eating regimen consists of 20 lbs of hay that’s 12% protein.

20 lbs of hay at 12% protein equals 2.4 lbs of protein per day.

How did I get that quantity? When doing the maths you will have two choices:

1) You should use this formulation: 20 kilos occasions 12 divided by 100

2) Or you possibly can transfer the decimal of the % over to the left two locations and simplify the formulation to twenty kilos occasions .12.

Use whichever formulation is simpler so that you can maintain straight.

The focus portion of the eating regimen contributes 4 lbs at 10% protein.

4 lbs of grain at 10% protein equals .4 lbs of protein.

(The maths: 4 lbs x 10 ÷ 100 = 0.4 or 4 lbs x .10 = 0.4)

Add the 2 numbers collectively to get the full quantity of protein your horse is consuming per day: 2.4 lbs (from hay) + .4 lbs (from grain) = 2.8 whole lbs per day.

Subsequent I determine what share of the full eating regimen is protein. To do this I divide the full kilos of protein supplied by the full kilos within the eating regimen.

2.8 lbs of protein divided by 24 lbs of whole eating regimen = .1166

To transform .1166 right into a % I’ve to multiply by 100 and I get 11.66%

My horse’s eating regimen gives him 11.66% protein.

If I resolve so as to add a complement or every other ingredient to the eating regimen, I can use the identical calculations to determine how a lot protein it’s including to the eating regimen, if any.

For instance, suppose I resolve so as to add a vitamin and mineral complement that’s 24% protein. Appears like a whole lot of protein, proper? Let’s see the way it impacts the full protein within the eating regimen.

The instructions suggest I feed 4 oz per day. That’s equal to .25 lbs (16 oz in a pound).

.25 lbs of complement occasions 24% protein divided by 100 = .058 lbs of protein per day supplied by the complement.

Keep in mind to replace your totals:

New quantity of feed within the whole eating regimen is 24.25 lbs. New quantity of protein within the eating regimen is 2.858 lbs.

2.858 lbs protein ÷ 24.25 lbs of whole feed = 11.78

Now the % of whole protein within the eating regimen is 11.78%.

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