P.A.W.S.: Cat myths and misconceptions | Opinion

Because the first domesticated cats appeared in Egypt over 5,000 years in the past, their attraction, inventiveness and playfulness have made them common pets.

But, they nonetheless stay mysterious and h many myths encompass them.

Fantasy #1: A cat can see at the hours of darkness.

A cat has vertical pupils that broaden to let her see effectively in dim gentle. She wants solely 116 of the sunshine that an individual does to see and she or he additionally has about 30 whiskers which assist her get round. Nevertheless, she doesn’t have particular eyesight that lets her see in full darkness.

Fantasy #2: A cat is nocturnal.

Cats are by nature crepuscular which signifies that they’re most lively at daybreak and nightfall when their prey is transferring about. Most indoor cats are inclined to comply with the daybreak and nightfall exercise fairly than being lively at evening.

That is why your cat wakes you on the similar time each morning even on these days when you might be sleeping in. Most home cats will adapt their exercise to the routines of their households.

Fantasy #3: Cats at all times land on their toes.

If the cat falls a brief distance, she will normally land on her toes. The cat’s skeleton is the explanation they will proper themselves so rapidly.

Cats haven’t got a collarbone and their backbones have a number of flexibility. Since they’ve extra motion of their entrance legs they will extra simply bend and rotate their our bodies so they’re extra prone to land on their toes. Their toes and entrance legs can take up the influence.

Though cats are sleek, agile and positive footed more often than not, they are often harm or killed in a fall. Though a cat can proper herself throughout an extended fall, her legs will not have the ability to take up the entire influence. Even a fall of a brief distance may cause severe accidents if she lands awkwardly.

Fantasy #4: Cats hate water.

Many, many cats dislike baths. Cats do not like surprises.

They would like to resolve for themselves in the event that they need to get within the tub or not. They do not like being grabbed and dunked within the water. Some cats, although, discover working water fascinating.

They may paw at dripping taps, drink from it or coax for the tap to be turned on. Kittens and younger cats discover sinks, tubs and showers an excellent supply of leisure. A number of cats even wish to swim whether it is utterly their concept.

Fantasy #5: Cats are loners.

Though out of doors cats are solitary hunters, most will select to dwell within the firm of different cats close to a supply of meals. Younger males will depart the world and go off on their very own

Kittens who be part of a human household grow to be a part of that household and can simply match right into a multi-cat family. They may even type shut friendships with canines.

Fantasy #6: Cats solely purr when they’re completely satisfied.

Purring is a type of communication. In case your cat is relaxed and purring, she is completely satisfied.

Many cats additionally purr when they’re hungry. It might be a purr blended with an disagreeable cry or meow. Purring helps a kitten bond along with her mom and mom cats use it like a lullaby. Some cats use purring as a strategy to sooth themselves if they’re hurting.

Fantasy #7: Cats have 9 lives.

Though we want in any other case, cats have just one life like the remainder of us.

To undertake a cat go to the Pittsburg County Animal Shelter at 1206 N. West Avenue in McAlester. The cellphone quantity is 918-423-7803. It’s open from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m. Tuesday by Friday and 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. on Saturday. The adoption payment for a cat is $15. All have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. 


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